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Recently Updated through the year 2021, I want to share with you a report to help navigate through the months ahead,  so I created a little road map for you.  Each report,  Aries through Pisces, contains from 45-60 some pages of informative guidance zeroing in on the  priorities for the next few years ahead, only using your Sun Sign! They are all written to bring inspiration, vision, and uplifting guidance for you.    Christine Barrere

Discover your Assignment -did you know Saturn is the planet in your chart which causes the most suffering and ignorance? To master your Saturn is to bring success and security itnto your life. 

Indepth report of how to change the limitations, hard karmic patterns and set backs, into an inner strength, power and new abilities you never thought you could achieve. 

Click here and sign up for a special mini-class on your planet of karmic frustrations.  

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